Monthly Menus

August 2022 Menu

Dip ~ Dilly's dill
Soup ~ Ripe melon with honey glazed pancetta
Salad ~ Caprese with pecorino pesto vinaigrette
Bread ~ Rosemary focaccia with garden herb olive oil

Entree ~ Pork cutlet saltimbocca
Entree ~ Summer vegetable arancini

~ Blueberry rhubarb pie

September 2022 Menu

Dip ~ New England vegetable
Soup ~ Italian wedding with escarole
Salad ~ Grilled peach and feta
Bread ~ French baguette

Entree ~ Chicken Marengo over crispy rice cakes
Entree ~ Butternut and roasted cauliflower manicotti

Dessert ~ Heath bar crunch cake a' la mode

October 2022 Menu

Dip ~ French onion 
Soup ~ broccoli cheddar with pancetta (pancetta optional) 
Salad ~ Mediterranean chopped 
Bread ~ Focaccia

Entree  ~ Classic Boeuf Bourguignon with garlic whipped potatoes
Entree  ~ Roasted acorn squash with root vegetable risotto

 ~ Apple and Cape Cod cranberry crisp

November 2022 Menu

Dip ~ New England veggie
Soup ~ Classic minestrone with crisp prosciutto
Salad ~ Mini romaine crisp with fire roasted pepper and garlic dressing
Bread ~ Assorted

Entree  ~ Chicken with sausage, rosemary and local apple stuffing
—or —
Entree  ~ Autumn harvest pot pie

Dessert  ~ Chocolate tiramisu roulade

December 2022 Menu

Dip  ~ Maple habanero
Soup  ~ Apple butternut and ginger
Salad  ~ Grilled vegetable antipasto
Bread  ~ French baguette

Entree  ~ Pork tenderloin wellington with a madiera sauce
—or —
Entree  ~ Vegetable rosti with red pepper relish

Dessert  ~ White chocolate cheesecake

January 2023 Menu

Dip  ~ St. Tropez garlic
Soup  ~ Creamy potato leek with chili oil drizzle
Salad  ~ Greek with parmesan peppercorn dressing
Bread  ~ Everything bagel rolls

Entree  ~ Chicken francaise cordon bleu ( yes we did! two classics combined)
—or —
Entree  ~ Fire roasted pepper with vegetable spanish rice

Dessert  ~ Flourless chocolate cake