As you can see. Pickity Place has much to offer. Many of our guests spend their entire day here! Over the years we have learned what their interests are. Below is a list of some commonly asked questions and their answers.

Q. When did Pickity Place start?
A. Pickity Place opened for business in 1974.

Q. How much land belongs to Pickity Place?
A. Pickity Place sits on approximately 10 acres.

Q. How old is this house?
A. It was built in 1786, making it over 230 years old.

Q. What kind of tree is outside the front entrance, and how old it is?
A. It is believed to be as old as the house, planted over 230 years ago. It is the second-largest White Ash in New England.

Q. What type of vine is growing outside of the main shop?
A. Trumpet vine loved by hummingbirds.

Q.When is the best time to view the garden?
A. That is a question of personal taste, but many garden clubs choose to visit in June. We find it beautiful most of the year.

Q. What was the connection between Elizabeth Orton Jones and this house?
A. In the mid 1940’s, Elizabeth Orton Jones lived in nearby Mason, and frequently visited here. The summer cottage became an inspiration and the model for her writing and illustrations. Little Red Riding Hood: A Little Golden Book, was published in 1948. The original legend was created by Robert Perreault in the 1600’s.