Monthly Menus

May 2022 Menu

Dip ~ Zesty Ranch 
Soup ~ Hot and sour with noodles 
Salad ~ Classic Caesar with shaved Asiago 
Bread ~ Marble Rye

Entree  ~ Marinated chicken chimichurri over Spanish rice
Entree  ~ Vegetable Galette

 ~ Panna Cotta with mango glaze and berries

June 2022 Menu

Dip  ~ Fresh salsa with blue corn chips
Soup  ~ Classic French onion with gruyere
Salad  ~ Wedge with red zinfandel vinaigrette
Bread  ~ Assorted basket

Entree  ~ Blackberry barbecue braised boneless beef short ribs
Entree  ~ Yukon and battered seasonal vegetable stack

Dessert  ~ Brownie thins and pistachio gelato with June strawberries

July 2022 Menu

Dip ~ Garden herb
Soup ~ Gazpacho with roasted poblano creme fraiche
Salad ~ Jicama and cucumber with strawberry dressing
Bread ~ Savory dinner rolls

Entree ~ Sesame orange chicken with napa slaw and purple daikon

Entree ~ Garden zucchini and heirloom tomato tart

Dessert ~ Summer berries and cream in chocolate crepe cup

August 2022 Menu

Dip ~ Dilly's dill
Soup ~ Ripe melon with honey glazed pancetta
Salad ~ Caprese with pecorino pesto vinaigrette
Bread ~ Rosemary focaccia with garden herb olive oil

Entree ~ Pork cutlet saltimbocca
Entree ~ Summer vegetable arancini

~ Blueberry rhubarb pie

September 2022 Menu

Dip ~ New England vegetable
Soup ~ Italian wedding with escarole
Salad ~ Grilled peach and feta
Bread ~ French baguette

Entree ~ Chicken Marengo over crispy rice cakes
Entree ~ Butternut and roasted cauliflower manicotti

Dessert ~ Heath bar crunch cake a' la mode